Girl Hiking in Mountains

Our company sells undeveloped, rural land in different locations around the United States to a variety of customers. The goal of a ad poster is to combine our written ads with provided images to create a meaningful listing that will attract customers. A successful ad poster will create ads that spark interest and produce a high quantity of leads.


Our main customers are:

  • Survivalist (Preppers)

  • Outdoorsman

  • Retired people

  • Hunters

  • Fisherman

  • People who enjoy RV or Tent Camping

  • People investing for their families or future generations

There are two types of ads we use, an ad specific to one piece of land and an ad specific to a county. We provide a data sheet on each property outlining general information. Additional research can be done on properties to enhance ads. In Step 1, outlined in the first green box below, you will find links to review ads similar to what we need to aid you in structuring the ads.

A typical ad specific to a one piece of land contains at least:

  • Headline

  • Image (up to 2 per post)

  • Body

    • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)

    • GPS Coordinates

    • Price

    • Size of property

    • Information about accessing the property (road type), surrounding attractions/points of interest, and other notable information

A typical ad specific to a county contains at least:

  • Headline

  • Image (up to 2 per post)

  • Body

    • County information including surrounding attractions/points of interest and other notable information

step 1

Review ads on Facebook Groups and Marketplace. Note structure & content style. Use as a guide for creating original Simply Land ads.

Review Facebook ad examples at link below.

step 2

Build the listing by reviewing information on our current properties including pictures, details, and pricing. Use 'Ad Copy Submissions' Excel file for ad copy.

Posts should direct customers to message Justin on Facebook or at


Property information can be found at link below.

step 3

  • Groups

    • Find groups to post in under 'Groups' tab

    • Post in each group once per week

    • Do not repeat the same listing within group

  • Marketplace

    • Find marketplace under ​'Marketplace' tab

    • Post 2 land ads in Marketplace each week until all properties are listed

    • Do not repeat the same land listing