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How do I buy land from Simply Land?

If you are anything like me, the thought of making any large purchases like a house or a car (or land) sounds like a terrible way to spend your day. Paperwork, credit checks, paperwork, haggling, paperwork, arguing with a loved one, and more paperwork. A little more paperwork and a couple escaped tears later and BAM you are the proud and exhausted owner of something you are not even sure you want anymore.

While I can't help with your car or house purchasing struggles, I can assure you that purchasing your own land isn't quite such the dramatic event. It's my jam and I can get to the ownership side of the land rainbow and you can save all the drama for your mama.

Find Your Land - Check out our listings and be sure to join our preferred buyers list! Most of our land is purchased through this list before it is ever listed on the site. Choose land from what we have available or let us know what you are looking for!

Easy Terms - Once you have chosen your land, choose your payment option. We offer easy terms payments with no need for credit checks. Camp, play, and enjoy your land while you pay it off! The deed will be signed over to you as soon as the total amount has been paid. If you prefer to own your land now, we offer a cash discount and the deed is signed over immediately. Learn about our Privacy Policy & Simply Guarantee.

Sign & Enjoy - You've chosen your land and your payment option. All the decision fatigue is behind you. You have made both decisions you will need to make in this process! Now simply sign your purchase agreement if you are paying the terms option or your deed if you are paying cash and YOU'RE DONE.

Well, that was easy. Let's get started.

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